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Tool Shop – a critical element in every production company

In order to start a serial production of EPP elements it is necessary to produce tools. In the EPP world, the most crucial tool is an EPP mould. These moulds are complicated due to the nature of expanded polypropylene production process.

Apart from milling a solid aluminium block on the state-of-the-art CNC machinery to give shape to the future mould base and its cavities, a lot of manual work is required to get a full tool. EPP mould must be armed with all the necessary installations like:

  • Vents through which the steam is transported
  • Cooling systems
  • Injectors that apply material to the mould
  • Ejectors that push the elements out of the mould

We guarantee you a full support on every stage of the project.

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Tool Shop


We have access to our own toolshop in which we create even the most demanding projects. Our mould is very solid, because they are made from aluminium monoblocks – they withstand massive production scales, even if our clients want to produce tens of thousands of elements monthly. Having our own toolshop allows us to quickly repair and modify our client’s moulds, with low costs.

These are not all the benefits! To guarantee to our client’s quickest implementation of their orders, we cooperate with many other tool shops in Europe. We always work under NDA agreements, and we require highest quality standards. We do not accept situations in which our clients cannot start their projects due to the full queues in tool shops.

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The Pro EPP company is created by a team of specialists who will help you at every stage of creating a product from foamed polypropylene. Our specialists will quickly calculate and evaluate the product for you, design it from scratch and manufacture it using the latest technologies.

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