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ProEPP offers prototyping services made on one of our CNC machines. Our advanced machine park, and a warehouse full of EPP blocks of every kind and shape that is available on the market, allows for realization of every idea before the decision of starting serial production of moulded parts.

Thanks to the access to our own prototype shop we can offer you a thorough testing of the physical properties of your future project. Elements made with CNC technology is different from the moulded part only in its surface – it is frayed due to the CNC cutting, unlike smooth or surfaced elements that come from the serial production. Nevertheless, you can still check its dimensions, weight, durability, and all of the other parameters of your desired EPP product.

Sometimes what you need are just few elements made from EPP, and their aesthetical look is not important for you. In this case, production in the CNC or thermal cutting technology is the best solution – it’s much quicker and cheaper. We offer a serial cutting production, so you can order any number of milled elements you like.

Apart from CNC machine, we use the thermal string cutting of EPP. It is a very precise solution that allows for slicing EPP blocks into very thin sheets, or for producing sophisticated, spiral shapes. Additional attribute of this solution is a process of cauterization that occurs on the surface that got into contact with the thermal string, hardening the material in the process.

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We invite all those who just want to discover the advantages of EPP and those who already know and are looking for a reliable, trusted business partner.

The Pro EPP company is created by a team of specialists who will help you at every stage of creating a product from foamed polypropylene. Our specialists will quickly calculate and evaluate the product for you, design it from scratch and manufacture it using the latest technologies.

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