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What is it?

Expanded polypropylene (EPP)

What EPP is, and why is it worth to use it?

Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is a plastic that resembles Styrofoam (EPS) in its structure but has a significantly better physiochemical property.

Important properties of EPP

EPP can transport heavy loads without deformation thanks to its memory of shape

Important where both light weight and highest safety are of utmost importance

EPP is a material commonly used in thermoboxes or as an insulator

EPP doesn’t react with oils, grease, nitro solvents, acetone, and many other chemicals

Expanded polypropylene guarantees a high level of acoustic insulation, and is often used in covers of ventilation devices

EPP is fully recyclable. We closely cooperate with EPP Recycling company, and we guarantee a closed recycling loop.

Hight water and moisture resistance makes this material a perfect choice for using outdoors or in saunas and bathrooms.

Thanks to the advanced technology you can apply many kinds of structure on your EPP elements

Allowing you to make creative and complicated elements

EPP products can be black, white, grey, blue, red, green, orange. Colours can also be mixed.

EPP can be soft (30g/l) or hard as a brick (250g/l). This range of density allows you to use this material in any application.

You can make anything out of EPP. The list below will show you only some of this material’s application, but this is only a small sample of all the different possibilities. With EPP it is just your imagination that can limit you.

What we can do from EPP?

  • automotive parts – including seats elements, bumpers, trunk’s filling, headrests, etc.
  • designer furniture – both used indoors and outdoors
  • boxes and containers – used for food transportation (thermoboxes), organization (trays), perfumes, and items that require excellent protection (protective packaging)
  • thermal and acoustic insulation systems – most common in HVAC industry, for heat pumps and ventilators covers
  • helmets and sport guards
  • fitness elements
  • baby seats and baby prams
  • modelmaking – aircrafts, ships or cars