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Moulded parts production

How do we operate?

Every serial production of elements made from expanded polypropylene (EPP) is implemented after producing sample batch – few elements that allow you to check if the product meets your expectations.

Our capabilities do not end on making shapes just from EPP. Thanks to the most advanced technology we can integrate inserts from various materials into the EPP elements. A few examples of such inserts are:

  • Metal reinforcements of element’s structure
  • Plastic elements like handles, locks, etc.
  • Integrated fastening systems (EJOT)
  • Hinges
  • And many, many more

We can connect EPP with other components both during the production process (by using advanced EPP moulding machines), and on special postproduction stations.

We also offer full logistics support for delivering and handling your products. If you don’t have access to your own logistics network, we will organize shipments straight to your warehouse, using one of our close logistics partners.

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Interested in cooperation?

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We invite all those who just want to discover the advantages of EPP and those who already know and are looking for a reliable, trusted business partner.

The Pro EPP company is created by a team of specialists who will help you at every stage of creating a product from foamed polypropylene. Our specialists will quickly calculate and evaluate the product for you, design it from scratch and manufacture it using the latest technologies.

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