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About us

We are a team of young, ambitious people who are constantly looking for technologies to improve and upgrade the quality of life by means of technology which ensures environmental protection.

With passion, we transform existing possibilities into new ideas and implement them into practical usage. Due to very robust design, our products have above-average service life. This is a fact that contributes to the reduction of unnecessary energy expenditure as well.

Polypropylene foam is our primary raw material which is effectively winning the market due to its properties and may successfully replace existing products as it is better, more advance and useful. Apart from polypropylene foam we use only natural raw materials in our manufacturing process which can be entirely re-used. The raw material itself is 100% recyclable.

Our website is addressed to entrepreneurs seeking innovative technical, construction and technological solutions in nearly all industrial sectors. We are not afraid of challenging tasks and we invite you to cooperate with us in improving production processes and life in general.

About EPP

EPP has similar structure to polystyrene foam, but it is not as rigid and brittle. It has very good resistance to various physical and mechanical factors.

Specific chemical composition and manufacturing processes make EPP more environment friendly and universal: only air and water are used during production process. The product is 100% recyclable and may be used several times. EPP is available in various colours (white, black, grey, blue, orange, green, red and their mixtures) and in various densities from 30g/l to 200 g/L.

It exhibits excellent parameters related to strength. It is able to carry heavy loads (e.g. repetitive strikes) without being deformed.

Due to its plasticity and deformability, this raw material can be widely used in the automotive industry. It enhances safety and reduces weight of the vehicles.

It is chemically inert and does not degrade under the effect of oil, grease, petroleum and most chemicals. EPP does not absorb water and is resistant to high temperature and UV radiation.


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  • Food industry
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