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A professional producer of expanded polypropylene elements

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We invite everyone to cooperate with us, and we are open both to clients that start their adventure with expanded polypropylene, and to the businesses that look for solid and trusted partner.

Pro EPP is established by professionals that will help you at every stage of your project. Our specialists will quickly calculate the costs, prepare the project from scratch, and produce elements on state-of-the art machinery.

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Pro EPP is a team of ambitious people who constantly seek new technologies that make living easier. A care for natural environment is written into our mission.

We transform existing possibilities into new ideas and create a practical use for them. Thanks to solid standards, our EPP elements have outstanding lifetime. This also helps to reduce unneeded energy consumption.

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Our machine park includes machines for serial production, machines for thermal string cutting, and CNC plotters. We can produce elements in all shapes and sizes.

EPP cutting service is useful for many branches of industry, including clients that seek convenient prototyping, or for marketing purposes.

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Our knowledge base is for everyone that wants to learn more about expanded polypropylene. In our articles you will find useful and detailed information about EPP. You will learn about various parameters and uses of this material, and you will get to know why more companies decide to use it in their products. We are describing interesting examples of unobvious uses of EPP in everyday life. What is especially important for us is also to underline the effect that EPP makes in favor of protection of natural environment

We invite you to visit our knowledge base [PL only] regularly!