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Our machine stock has been expanded with a new epp/eps thermal cutting machine, designed specifically for us. With it, it is possible to prepare blocks of required dimensions and shape, including curvilinear solids.

The cutting service is addressed to many industries, including entities that seek solutions to build prototypes and product masters and advertising companies.

Precision of cutting enables achieving very good quality of the edge of the element and rendering the final product of any shape, very good edge quality and high precision.

We use heated string in cut, the technology in which the actual cutting is done by the thermal trail produced by it. Sinters or melting may be avoided in this way.

Using EPP as the base material guarantees the possibility of obtaining very precise shapes, along with thin edges, which retail flexibility (due to the properties of the material), with minimised risk of crushing or cracking. The Quality Control Department supervises all processes to accept or reject the final products.


Company Head Office:
Pro Epp sp. z o.o.
41-503 Chorzów, ul. Kluczborska 11
PL 5252553445
phone: +48 664 42 42 42
Branch offices:
EPP Group
Z.I. Saint-Barthèlemy
BP 35, 45-110
Châteauneuf sur Loire
Tel: 0033 615350503
Marc Rewers