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We are a company that produces elements made from EPP (expanded polypropylene). Solutions that we offer to our clients are based on state-of-the art technologies that can be used in everyday life. We make elements and components for many branches of industry: automotive, food industry, HORECA, HVAC, model-making, and many others.  Protection of natural environments is of utmost importance for us, and our products are 100% recyclable.

EPP is a great alternative for many products made from traditional materials like EPS or plastic. Expanded polypropylene is characterized by its remarkably high endurance and light weight, that’s why it is often used in automotive industry (for bumpers, headrests, or in trunks). Our offer includes EPP thermoboxes – special packaging suitable for food contact, great for thermal insulation, protection from external environment, and for very delicate elements that are prone to damaging. We are also present in sport industry, creating elements for helmets, protective equipment, and fitness accessories. Kid’s toys and furniture are also a common place to use EPP in. Our client’s portfolio includes a wide range of model makers who found out that expanded polypropylene due to its light weight and easy shaping is a perfect choice for building aircraft models.

We are experts in introducing EPP to new industries and developing modern technologies and solutions that use this material – be it beekeeping or child’s prams.

EPP (expanded polypropylene) is like EPS in its structure but is not as stiff and brittle. EPP is highly resistant to mechanical and environmental damages.

Its simple chemical composition and clean production process make expanded polypropylene an eco-friendly and versatile material. In its production process only water and steam are used. EPP is 100% recyclable and can be used for an extended period of time.

EPP is available in many colours (white, black, grey, blue, orange, green, red, and mixed) and densities: from 30g/l up to 200g/l.

It has excellent durability and can transport very heavy loads without deformation thanks to the memory of shape.

Due to its mechanical adaptability and endurance, EPP is widely used in automotive industry. It increases safety while reducing weight of the car. Expanded polypropylene is also very popular in HVAC and HORECA sectors, thanks to its outstanding thermal insulation.

Expanded polypropylene (EPP) is chemically inert, it is not degraded by oils, grease, petroleum, and most other chemicals. It doesn’t absorb water and is resistant to high temperatures and UV.

Know more about EPP usage

Pro EPP is a team of ambitious people that constantly seek modern technologies that make living easier. A care for natural environment is written into our mission.

We transform existing possibilities into innovative ideas and create a practical use for them. Thanks to solid standards, our EPP elements have outstanding lifetime. This also helps to reduce unneeded energy consumption.

Pro EPP is composed of professionals for whom job is a passion, not a responsibility. We play with expanded polypropylene creating multiple things out of it – furniture, beehives, sport accessories, toys, models, boxes…

Our imagination knows no limits when it comes to EPP!

Our specialists make detailed project calculation for every client, prepare the project itself, and start its production phase. If our clients have their project ready, we are reviewing it, and implement its production taking care of smallest details.

We offer professional support on every stage of the project. We are always directed towards high-tech and reliable solutions, making sure that your EPP elements will serve you for a long time.

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If you want to make a product from expanded polypropylene, but you don’t know where to start – you are in a right place!

Our specialists will prepare a precise calculation and quotation for your idea, they will make a project from the bottom, and then produce it according to plan. We will help you with our experience, giving you support during your whole adventure with EPP.

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